Oct 31 • 46M

Digital Identity

It's our great pleasure to have Helen Horstmann-Allen, Fastmail's COO, with us this week to chat about email and how it fits into our digital identities and our online privacy.

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James Bilsbrough
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When you ask most people about email, they probably show a genuine lack of interest, it’s not new and it’s not fancy. But, email still plays a hugely important part in our daily lives, and even more so in business.

We talk with Helen about the concept of your digital identity, and how owning your email domain and being the customer, not the product, can make a huge difference to your email, calendar, and contacts experience.

Helen, James, and Jae recording this episode.

It was a great pleasure to have Helen join us, especially given her wealth of experience and knowledge in the email space. We really appreciate the behind-the-scenes work that went into getting this episode together, especially the willingness of Fastmail to partner with us for this episode.

To help you get started with Fastmail, they’ve very kindly set up a discount link so that you, our wonderful listeners, can get 10% off your first year of Fastmail service.

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  1. 00:00:05: Introductions

  2. 00:03:47: Why Do We Still Need Email?

  3. 00:08:05: Email Services

  4. 00:18:38: A Word About Apple

  5. 00:19:50: Masked Email & Domains

  6. 00:24:09: Pricing Model & App Usage

  7. 00:27:06: Calendars & Contacts

  8. 00:33:36: Fighting For The Users


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