Jun 6 • 56M

Enabling Accessible Gaming

A chat with Alex Dunn, CEO of Enabled Play, to discuss how this clever bit of tech based on a Raspberry Pi can make gaming and more accessible to a wide range of disabilities.

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James Bilsbrough
A technology podcast that aims to take a positive look at technology and computing. We aim to have genuinely engaging chats with folks doing interesting things in tech that make a positive impact.
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As someone who has a visual impairment, and therefore is technically classed as disabled, accessible technology is something that’s incredibly important to me. So, when I saw a retweet about Enabled Play I reached out to Alex Dunn, their CEO, to see if he’d like to come and chat about the technology on the show.

As you’ve probably guessed, he said yes and so we sat down to talk about how important accessible, or assistive, technology is and get a great insight into what Enabled Play is, how it works and how it can make gaming, education, and work accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities, as well as being fantastically cool new tech.

I really hope you find this episode insightful, please do leave a comment or drop us an email (podcast at crossedwires.net) if you’ve got any stories of accessibility, good or bad, to share.

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Chapter Times

  • 00:00:04: Introductions

  • 00:02:03: Why Accessible Tech?

  • 00:10:23: What Is Enabled Play?

  • 00:13:04: On Device Processing

  • 00:16:49: The Cost Of Accessible Tech

  • 00:21:29: Commodity Hardware

  • 00:22:15: Tilt & Expression Controls

  • 00:32:23: Working With Devices

  • 00:45:50: Pricing & Availability

  • 00:52:51: Wrapping Up


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